Monday, February 3, 2014 , A New Part Of The RAVEfinity Vision.

Over 1 year of work and we at the RAVEfinity project are extremely proud (And a little tired) to announce the launch of a new website!! RAVE Wallpapers Brings you 100% Free Open Source Wallpapers, Licensed Creative Commons, Share Alike! All Wallpaper are by US. so they are 100% Free. This new site takes our Free RAVE Wallpaper Collections to a new level. Fully browse-able, Downloadable online or in a zipset! With the site launch we have created over 500 new wallpapers with more being added almost daily! We pushed harder to make the new wallpapers 100 times better then before and will continue to do so.
As Always

As Before we pushed for many colors and many options. but don't let that fool you. Every wallpaper has been scrutinized and refined. All are 3200 By 2000 Resolution. was created to be unlike any wallpaper site before it, It cares about the user, Most images when clicked take you directly to the full size image right away no extra clicks or spam like other wallapers sites on the web. We are Open Source and expect sites to treat you with respect. So we could never design a site that doesn't respect it's users. There are many options available (And more coming soon) that allow you to sorta by category, popularity , download the zip sets. Goto flickr to comment and browse images or view a slideshow.

We use Flickr for our Image hosting (ZIPs are hosted on Google Drive), It's fast High Quality and amazing. With that being said you may be wondering why do you need a website? Because Flickr isn't perfect and isn't really meant to be a "Wallpaper Website" Using straight up Flickr you will find it hard to download full quality versions of images and even browse galleries effectively. We want things to work Flickr makes it a little difficult to download images without a bunch of steps. And browsing lots of images you want to download can be slow. you cant view thumbnails very easily without going into some fancy, pretty, but slow viewer.

Our site fixes this , 2 Clicks On Most images and you will have the wallpaper downloaded. (Vs 3-5 On Flickr) We also index and thumbnail the galleries in faster and more browse-able ways. If you don't believe us Check it out for yourself. Of coerce we also have links if you want to browse are images in Flickr too.
We hope you enjoy the site. And if you'd like to help support us please read the bottom of out homepage or checkout our community page. Spread the word!

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