Saturday, January 18, 2014

We Are Back (2014) New Stuff Coming Soon (For Real) & Plus Hopes for Ubuntu 14.04 Support Perhaps?

January 18th 2014

First off I want to say a HUGE sorry to anyone who has written or emailed us in the past few mouths asking about Ambiance, Radiance or Humanity Colors. We have been busy with life as well as work (Many types of work, work on our other projecta (More to Come) and work as in 9-5 or 4-12 in our case)

I'm not sure if it's really relevant anymore but I'd like to say sorry for not being able to release a 12.10 release a 13.04 or 13.10 release. However I'd like to explain a few things.

The build process of Ambiance and Radiance and Humanity Colors themes had become very convoluted to a huge undertaking, Literally Hours of Manually renaming folder files and copying lines of code . A Huge Mess. Then Our Launch Pad was giving us issues when we where trying to push a fix for 12.04 XFCE stuff. Plus our interest in a non LTS release of Ubuntu (Whos support time is even less now) was a bit of a bias. That being said we are sorry for not being able to release anything to support new versions and sorry for not being to help anyone asking us how.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is approaching us, This is a big deal, We want to do something for it but we can't make any promises yet but all I can say Is we are looking at it and seeing what we can do. Some things to note if we do a theme for 14.04. We are gonna start from scratch! We may not release it in our PPA at first! it may be released as a TAR and maybe a DEB and Launchpad if we can get some help, (We have had lots of help in the past from awesome DR AMR but he may be doing other things and we don't want to bother him.) I like making themes but the marketing and packing really kills the fun for me. If anyone is good at running Launchpads and packaging Debs please email us at it would make things a lot better if we could get help with this.

We are going to be launching a new project very soon (In a few days 7-13) after this is done we hope to have time to take a look at what we can do for Ubuntu 14.04!

Stay tuned for a new release of something from us in a few days, And a new website that will support it. Thanks for your time and support.