Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Behind The Scenes" The Devlopment Of RAVE Wallpaper Collection 1.

RAVE Wallpaper Collection has been in development for well over a year. And it was finally released on Tuesday September 18th We snapped some photos of us working on it before that time. As a behind the scenes type deal!

Observant users will also notice we are testing and using the unreleased version of Ambiance And Radiance Colors 12.04.1 gtk theme!  (See the Blue Colored elements in the theme we are using a new blue!)


Download Or View The Wallpapers In The RAVE Wallpaper Collection Here -->

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whats In A Name. (Story Behind The Wallpaper Collection Naming)

This is a semi fun post. So some users have noticed the "Clever" or "Funny" Naming of some of the wallpapers in the RAVE Wallpaper Collection 1. 

We had to name a lot of wallpapers (A lot not even included) and we drew inspiration for those names from many places. Music, People , Movies, books and other media.

Here is a highlight of some of the names and what they are from or references to:

Precipice - Refrence to Lights song "Heavy Rope"

The Street And The Cobbler - Reference to the cartoon movie "The Theif And The Cobbler" The Non Signing version. EG: The original/ semi-unfinished work print.

Steele Star - Reference to Canadian actress/singer Cassie Steele.
Shuttleworth Galaxy - Reference to that guy named Mark Shuttleworth Perhaps you know him? :)
Carle Paper Squares - Reference to Eric Carle, Author of the classic "Hungriest Caterpillar" book, this wallpaper mimics the art style sorta.

Down By The Sea - Reference to the "folk" song.

Sandy Bridge - Reference to the processor line by Intel.

Precise Peacock - Reference to Ubuntu 12.04 codename

Maverick Meerkat - Reference to Ubuntu 10.10 codename

Checked Nights - Reference to a race track in Kirby Air Ride. (TM)

Suits You - Reference to a common a saying.

Urban Lines - Reference to "Dashboard Confessional" Song "Standard Lines"

Wooden Plaink-ing - Reference to the weird trend of "Planking"

What It Says On The Tin - Reference to a  English saying.

Plaid Cool - Plaid this a style or design, it sounds a lot like the english work "plain" as in "plain cool"

Heavy Bricks - Refrence to Lights song "Heavy Rope" again.

Zee Amped Leather - Zee was added to make it at the bottom of the file list, Amped is a reference to the popular "Amp Energy Drink"(TM) By Pepsi(TM) without which this release probably wouldn't be possible (I'd probably fall asleep or get tired)!  :)

Rainy Sunday Mornings - Reference to "Michelle Branch" Song "Tuesday Mornings"  
Street Smarts - A saying. Also a old TV show game show?

MetaTrix - A Made up word , but reference to games and applications I wrote back in the day. "Eagle Matrix" (Never released)
Heres a chart of the wallpapers:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RAVEfinity Wallpaper Collection 1 Released! The Story Behind It.

After two years of hard work RAVEfinity is proud to announce the release of one of our semi secret projects! This one has been in the works for such a long time that it understandably  comes as a relief to release it!

Design of the Wallpaper Project started in 2010. I saw some "cool" wallpapers included by default in some other operating systems. (That Fruit company and Android to be exact) At the time I didn't see alot of truly free wallpapers for linux. Alot where taken from non-free sources or wheren't very freely licensed. Thats fine I guess but I wanted create some truly free wallpapers for linux. Ones that could rival the quality of those on OSX(TM) , Windows(TM) etc. And be completely free just like linux in the mean time. By free I don't mean you can "Freely download it" I mean you can remix it distribute it and adapt it!

Thus began the process of creating a bunch of high quality wallpapers from scratch!. we decided to be very stubborn...

We pushed a design Idea and goal of:

Wallpapers must be 2560x16000 or 3200x2000+ Only no exceptions.

We Provide multiple colors of many of the wallpapers namely the RAVEfinity Tri-Color Design. Dark Blue, Grey, Purple. The Idea behind these colors is that they are nice on the eyes and calming. Another goal was to have wallpapers that will hopefully appeal to both genders. (Thats why we added grey and purple) compared to some wallpapers that only come in Blue and Grey. Again I am no expert in this but that was the goal.

Wallpapers must look good, clear sharp and have no artifacts.

We went through a lot of wallpapers (That we created from scratch and on our own!)
alot we threw out because of only one small unfix-able imperfection. Or we didn't want to include it. but we tryed to push for the best!

An important thing to note is that every one of these wallpapers is by the RAVEfinity project. We took lots of photos and rendered a lot of CGI to bring you this collection of  250 High quality wallpapers. we did not "barrow" and use wallpapers or images from anywher else. Our project created every single one of these.

We wanted to bring 100% free and open source wallpapers to everyone!

All the wallpapers are licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.

So check out the RAVEfinity Wallpaper Collection 1 today! -->
Download now! Spred the word!

We hope to post some of the wallpapers that didn't make the cut as weekly exclusives. on the RAVEfinity Wallpaper Collection homepage. So be sure to bookmark and check that out regularly!

Thank You. We hope you enjoy this release!