Monday, July 16, 2012

New Download Pages. And Servers.

Starting last night (July 15) and Finishing today (July 16) RAVEfiniy started  and finished rolling out simplified links and easier cleaner download pages for all their current themes.

The pages now route anyone downloading a theme directly to US and our download page. Through one simple button that says "Download" Rather then haveing multiple links with long names. We now have full control of the download experience. Meaning it should be easier for users to find the right version of a theme for them and their distro.

We also are now able to update, test and maintain the links better. As all users now land on the same place. (No more editing links in multiple places.)

We where extremely careful not to disrupt or make anything harder on users (Or down-loaders)  This was a huge worry of ours we revised the pages numerous times making them easy and clean as possible. Please feel free to leave your feedback on this.

New faster downloads. We have mirrored all our themes on Dropbox to provide users with instant downloads and a backup mirror for .Debs. (The main server for debs is the Canonical PPA server)

Mediafire is used as our 2nd Mirror on some downloads. But has been moved to 2nd Mirror and replaced by Drop-Box as first because Mediafire recently decided they would now randomly enable "CAPTACHS" - The thing that makes you type in non-scence works and numbers that are barely readable. Mediafire made you goto a another page to start your download already. So that with "CAPTCHAs"  Is just simply too many steps for the main mirror. Thus it is now 2nd. I would like to say Mediafire is still a great service. There downloads are fast, reliable and they don't time limit you too much. We just don't have the money to pay them for instant download links at the moment.

Dropbox is now being used (Google Drive may be used later as well) to host some theme files. It is the main mirror for some (Canonicals PPA system the other). When you click on the download link... the download starts right away without hassling you to click another button and enter a  unreadable "code word".

Lastly... Yes we have moved the PPA Install Instructions to the unified download page as well. Haveing them on a site that wasn't ours (So users visit it and not ours) hurt us in the long run. Haveing users come to our page for download really helps us as a project. (The same as many top themes have you goto their deviantART(TM) page for download)

We have tried to keep the page as fast and easy as possible to navigate. And Keep the ADs useful and not in your way unless you want them. Because in the end The user experience matters the most to us.

Anyway just thought I'd write a post about whats been going on with our GnomeLook and XFCELook Pages.

We also took a few, to redesign the release banners for the themes

See ya on the flipside all. Hope to get the more out soon.

The Mouthly Wrap-Up June 2012

A bit late... But It shall be written up none the less.
So what did we do in june? and what do we hope it get done next.

Lets find out.

What We Accomplished In June:
1.) Internal Development on  Ambiance And Radince Colors 12.04.1
2.) Internel Devlopement  on RAVEfinity Wallpaper Collection.
3.) Other Stuff

What Are We Up To Next?:

1.) Updating all the download pages to be faster and better. Simplifying the links.
2.) Continued development on Ambiance And Radiance Colors 12.04.1
3.) Continued development on RAVEfinity wallpaper collection.

It should be noted a lot of behind the scenes stuff is going on expect to see some updates soon.

Thanks everybody.