Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Look At The RAVEfinity 5 GTK/Icon Theme (In Heavy Development)

It's not done just yet! But we thought we'd give you a little sneak peak at the upcoming RAVEfinity 5 Theme Suite (That's Been In Development for over 1 1/2 Years now) The RAVEfinity Theme Suite hasn't seen a release since 2011 "Version 4"

Since that time the theme has been redesigned from the ground up to bring you "One of the most unique and beautiful desktop themes around" We hope you like it when it comes out. Right now it's looking like it will arrive sometime later this year.

So What Does RAVEfinity 5 Theme Sorta Look Like?

Some RAVEfinity 5 Icons. (Alpha/Beta):

 The RAVEfinity 5 GTK Theme:

The Icon Theme being used in this picture is the old Version 4 ones (Not 5)

The RAVEfinity 5 Theme Suite is Designed by Jared Sot. & The RAVEfinity Project in California ,USA  (C) (2010-2012) Licensed Under the GPL v.2 (But not released yet.)

Please don't blatantly rip off this until we release it (It will be free and GPL)  :D

Lot of work needs to be done still. If you want to help us get it done faster consider visiting our site and note that ADs on our site supports us. (And allow us to spend more time on this stuff) *Not to nag you about that but just letting you know.

So whats the state of this theme?

This theme has been though a lot. We did lots of Design work scrutinising every detail. Unfortunately this all happened during the GTK3 Transition. So Instead of releasing a GTK2 Only theme we pulled the release back to foucous on making it GTK3 ready this added complications since we had to learn the GTK3 CSS , Gnome Shell and Unity Themeing Stuff. Also GTK3 does not support the same features as GTK2 Murrine. So we had to pull it back in and redesign both to fit. (So the GTK2 Theme actually looks like the GTK3 one)

The GTK Theme was originally written for GTK2 useing the Pixmap engine (As seen in the image above) (This was about the time of Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 EG. a GTK 2 Theme was all you needed)

However soon after finished Jared decided that pixmap makes some elements look ugly. The Entire theme was Rewritten in "Murrine GTK2" (In a few days actually since we knew how it should look) It looked alot better Then the pixmap one. (Yes the image above is the old version, We still want the real one to be a surprise!)

Then GTK3 Came... The Release Date Slipped yet again :( We had to learn CSS and Re-Implement the entire theme for GTK. During this time the project went pretty dormant (We where working)

We then decided to do the Ambiance and Radiance Colors Themes as well as Xfce port and Icon Theme first so we would have one active release out there (They don't take as long, and we could get them out)

We Feel The Icon Theme Looks Awesome. But It still needs work but that's not the big hurdle.

So After the  we release the updated 12.04.1 Ambiance and Radiance Colors Themes as well as Xfce port and Icon Themes in a mouth or so (July or Aug). We will resume heavy development on this theme. Hopefully bringing it to you sometime later this year.

Once again if you would like support our efforts please send us a email and or keep visiting our site! (The Only way we make any money from this is from ADs on our site. See our homepage ( for details)

 Whats the RAVEfinity wallpaper project?
More to come on that. (Along with some sneak peaks)

Thanks for the continued support. We hope to bring lots of new work to you all very soon.

RAVEfinity Project.

Lots Of NEW STUFF In The Works! But...

We at the RAVEfinity project like to focus on only a few things at one time. Since we don't have all the resources  in the world. We focus are time on a few "core" things at once.

For the past few mouths that has been the Ambiance and Radiance Colors Themes , XFCE Port and Icon Theme. Although not released yet we feel that the 12.04.1 Version of these themes (We have that version in the works right now... Coming Soon) Brings them up to a level we want them. Meaning we can shift are focus on other things till the next release of 12.10. While still maintaing and supporting the theme.

So whats next for RAVEfinity?

1.) The RAVEfinity Wallpaper Collection v 1.0 ********
(We are about 70-80% Done with Version 1)

2.)The RAVEfinity 5 Theme (Icon and GTK)**********
(We have alot of if not all the design done, We just have to recode the GTK theme and finish the Icons)

3.) We are considering working on  or collaborating with a Simplistic GTK theme (And Maybe Icons)
Like this by (Popoki Tom):


FlatSurfaces Dark

4.) And Another Surprise Perhaps.

So How Long Will This Take?
Well that all depends. We love doing this work but currently we do it for the better good and for fun.

We now have ADs on this blog and the Site That help support us financially but So far we have only made $ 5 off it in the past 2-3 Mouths. Meaning this is really a passionate labor of love for us so far.

If you like the work we (I know there isn't that much of out work out right now) do I encourage you to visit us more often. And Keep in mind the ADs on this page and on help support the project.

And yes we'd like to get more people involved  soon. A page is being designed around that.

That being said I can understand that we don't have that much "Out" at the moment. But belive me there are 5 Huge projects we'd like the finish. So more to come soon!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Monthly Wrap-up! May 2012

Well it's that time again! Another mouth, and another monthly wrap-up! So what where we up to in May? and what do we hope to get done in April?

Lets find out.

What We Accomplished In May:
1.) Nothing
2.) Nothing
3.) Nothing
HAHA!  Just messing with ya,

What We Really Accomplished In May:
1.) Finalized Plans and todo lists for 12.04.1  Ambiance and Radiance GTK and Humanity Icon Themes.Thanks for all the suggestions and fixes. You can continue to send them in it's not too late yet.
2.) Heavy Development started for 12.04.1 Ambiance and Radiance Colors Theme. A complete revamp of the colors used and fixes. This is the release that should hopefully get the theme to a place where we are dang happy with it all around.
3.) Wallpaper project development and planning. No comment on this yet.

What Are We Up To Next?:

1.) Finishing development of  12.04.1  Ambiance and Radiance GTK and Humanity Icon Themes.
2.)  RAVEfinity 5 GTK Theme and Icons. and Wallpaper Project.

It's been a busy time. we hope to have more time for our other works after we get Ambiance and Radiance Colors GTK and Humanity Colors Icon Themes all polished and exactly that way we want them (Hopefully in 12.04.1 so soon)

Expect 12.04.1 version of the Ambiance and Radiance Colors GTK and Humanity Colors Icon Themes in Mid to late June or July 2012.

Thanks everybody.